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The South West of WA is Australia's only biodiversity hotspot and is ranked no.10 in the world. It has over 5500 species of flora, and in some spots the highest flora density on the planet  (over 800 species per sq. km. Chester Forest ) . Our south west is in desperate need of protection and Forest Rescue have a no compromise approach against anything, that threatens  Western Australia's biodiversity.

Sadly our State is on the brink of ecological collapse by native forest logging, land clearing and mining companies. Often the only thing standing with local communities, between the chainsaws / bulldozers and the imminent destruction of Western Australian eco-systems, is Forest Rescue.

The first forest Blockades in Western Australia in 1994 were highly successful and spawned the South West Forest Rescue movement. Forest Rescuers have put our bodies on the line, in defending many Old Growth and High Conservation Value forests that are now National parks.

 With an ever evolving unique style of Non-Violent Direct Action, Forest Rescue has been highly instrumental in saving large tracts of  south west  forests. Check out our new 'Forest Rescue Short Film' in our Video Gallery to see some of the ways  we work to save precious eco- systems.

Below is a photo of Forest Rescue and Sea Shepherd crew at Chester Forest Rescue blockade, near Karridale in the Margaret River region. The camp has since been shut down after we received a moratorium to take it off the logging list for further fauna and flora surveys. Some of the highest flora density's on the planet exist at Chester. Up to 800 Flora species per square kilometre! Not one Tree was logged in the two and a half year defence.The 800ha would have yielded the FPC a maximum of $56,000 worth of Jarrah to destroy priceless heritage.


Native Forests


The Forest Products Commission (FPC) headed by Terry Redman (Minister for Logging), has been responsible for this ongoing destruction and  ever increasing loss. In the last year alone the FPC has lost $15 million logging our forests, and has lost in excess of $150 million since it was formed in 2001. Western Australian's are paying to have their forests ravaged by this government department that is on the brink of  financial bankruptcy.

In the 2012-2013 financial year the Forest Products Commission lost another $20.6 million  taxpayers money ravaging our forests. Sadly the Barnett government has endorsed ten more years of logging our forests even though the industry is financially haemorraging and mills are shutting down or being sold left right and centre.

Forest Rescuers are currently defending Warrup forest , the single largest intact colony of Numbats in the world. There are more Pandas(1600) in the wild in China, than there are Numbats ( less than 1000) in our southwest . We will defend this numbat colony until the FPC end their diabolical plan for its destruction. We also will be defending Ashendon forest in Roleystone to stop the destruction of the most northern colony of mainland Quokkas.

We will continue to fight the timber industry until there is a total end too logging of our native forests

Land Clearing

Over 80% of the Swan Coastal plain has been cleared. The remaining 20% is being targeted for destruction by a myriad of eco-vandals from the government and private sectors. In theory its quite simple.... there is already heaps of cleared land not being utilized so there is no excuse in this day and age to still be clearing our precious bushland. Now is time for an immediate end to all land clearing.

There are plenty of eco-vandals who have their sights on some spectacular bushland. The University of Western Australia is heading into the land development business with plans to destroy the greater portion of Underwood Avenue, a parcel of land given to UWA by the Government. Many people call Underwood Ave the second Kings Park of Perth. UWA can expect stiff resistance, and huge damage to their name internationally if they decide to destroy this bushland.

Landcorp (who Forest Rescue  successfully blockaded and chased out of the College Grove bushland) are also hellbent on bulldozing large tracts of our unique bushland. Forest Rescue have their current projects under huge scrutiny, and we can see ourselves banging heads again in the not too distant future..... perhaps the 200ha they want to clear at the Preston Industrial park may be the next battleground.

Mirvac wants to clear significant areas of prime coastal vegetation to build a new residential development near Binningup, just north of Bunbury. Mirvac are selling their project as environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable but this is simply PR spin. The reality is that by bulldozing eco-systems Mirvac has scant disregard for the future ecological heritage of the Swan coastal plain.  

Forest Rescue will continue to sporadically engage those ecovandals who continue to bulldoze our precious bushland.


Holy hell..... we live in a mining state, where do we start???  

We first engaged the miners at Ludlow, building an elaborate tree-village, to defend the worlds only Tall Tuart forest. Though we had a spirited resistance in what turned out to be a long protracted campaign, we found we were dealing with an increasingly desperate state government, who ripped up the rule book to achieve their goal of making a deep gouge thru Ludlow.  The upside is we knocked the business confidence out of their sails and we feel the rest of Ludlow is less threatened after our fight..... and Cable Sands CEO Collis Thorpe was left with egg (or was it chocolate mousse?) on his face.

 Forest Rescue supported the Goolaraboolloo in their quest to save James Price Point, north of Broome. Tactics and stratedgys that worked well in the Forest campaigns were equally successful in the Kimberley. After thee years of frontline blockading the project was rejected by Woodside and James Price Point was saved.

We will continue to liase with community's, particularly in the area of Fracking and other newly emerging destructive industry's, to drive the miners from our precious eco-systems.

 When push comes to shove, Forest Rescue will be there to defend the trees, birds and animals .


What you can do to help

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Contact us if you are interested in attending our information stalls, non-violent direct actions or any of our other activities.

To donate, go to our Donate page. Also look at our Wish List page to see if you can help with donation of equipment and materials. 

We rely on volunteers and donations to continue our work, so get involved and be part of the action to save our South West forests!



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