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  • Parade Road community walk-on and lock-o...
    by Simon Peterffy on January 10, 2011 at 12:07 PM
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    Local community members storm a front-end loader moving logs at 'The Tuarts', a residential development by Ironbridge, just off Parade Road in Dalyellup, Bunbury.

    Work on the whole site was stopped for a couple of hours, and several large earth-moving machines and also chainsaws cutting up logs had to be stopped.

    The developers and earthmoving contractors destroyed a large number of mature, old growth and very large Jarrah, Marri and Tuart trees.

    The nest of a pair of Black Cockatoos was destroyed along with the whole tree and two of their baby chicks were killed. All three species of Black Cockatoo in WA are on the threatened species list. See The Cockatoos Need You -

    It was absolutely disgraceful behaviour from the developers and contractors, who were clearing the trees in spring time, which is prime breeding season for many local bird species. No doubt, the nests of other birds were destroyed also and many of the trees were hundreds of years old.

    Thanks to Jerome for putting together this short film. See more of Jerome's films at -

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