Forest Rescue

Saving South West WA's unique and precious forests Advice and assistance on Non-Violent Direct Action campaigning to save the environment


COMPUTER (laptop), Old mobile phones, radios, CB's Cameras, videos,audio recorders,helmet cam, Extension cords,solar panels,inverters,battery chargers,wind generator.

Camping Gear

 Tents(Complete and in Good Repair)

Tarps,Tee -Pees ,Yurts Canvas, etc

Caravans, Trailers, Vechiles (working, unregd. o.k), Motorbike/Quads,

Large Pots/Camp Ovens/Cooking Gear, Water Containers,Ropes, Star pickets, Eskys/Gas Fridge

Sleeping bags/blankets,Swags, Hammocks,Woolen Jumpers, Gas Bottles/cookers,Headtorches/torches






Tools/Building materials

Generators, grinders,welders,chainsaws,air compressor

Shovels,picks,axes,crow bar,mattock,block and tackle,entrenching tools,post hole digger.

Small tools(hammer,screwdrivers,shifter,monkey wrench etc.) hand saws, wire ,screws,nails ,tool boxes.Jackhammer.

Scrap steel, cable,clamps,scaffolding,marine ply,adhesives, steel pipe,poly rope.


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